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AUTHENTIC storytelling for Life + Love

Drew walked into the coffee shop, and he was more handsome in person than Meg anticipated. It was the start of something amazing. 

Six years, two cats, and a food truck and fairylight-filled wedding later, they make a great team: Meg's affinity for beautiful light and telling stories through still photographs pairs perfectly with Drew's eye for setting up the shot and intuitive grasp of video pacing.

As the Oh! element of Oh!Davidson Creative, you'll find Meg calling the shots--sometimes literally--and driving the creative photography side of the business like it's her job (because it is). Her degrees in communication have instilled in her a deep love for stories and people that goes well with her background in portrait photography. She's totally obsessed with weddings, can't watch too many cooking shows, and is much better at finishing a book than finishing the dishes.

When he's not on location shooting video, Drew is probably at his computer editing or researching video gear with a sleek black cat curled up on his lap. Despite his capacity for math and science (and to the horror of his guidance counselor), he earned an BFA in film & animation, and hasn't looked back. His experience creating video content for his day job, directing a media team at church, and background shooting weddings has allowed him to hone his storytelling skills to make videos that move you. He loves going to the movies (duh), enjoys a fine glass of aged Scotch Whisky, and keeps Meg's messes from spiraling out of control.

Megan O'Hearn-Davidson & Andrew Davidson live in & love Rochester, NY with their philosophical cats, Quintilian & Cicero. 


+1 585 356 6224

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